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3권 2호_박명철_주체철학의 인간이해와 그 평가

초록 (영문)

This essay deals with the understanding of human beings in Juche philosophy that has dominated the North Korean society more than half a century. Emphasizing to build up a socialist society and human beings fitting to this society, North Korea has proclaimed, in particular, her idea of remaking human beings. Therefore, this essay examines the basic framework, such as how Juche philosophy understands human beings, and how this understanding supports ideologically to its social reformation and political system. This attempt will be the foundation to understand the North Koreans` value-system, way of thinking, and structure of consciousness, and also contribute to mutual embrace between North Koreans and South Koreans for reunification. In terms of perspective to see North Korea as well as methodology to approach this issue, the author used critical immanent approach that let North Koreans tell themselves and then criticize their logic and theory. The criticism was also done by socialists, such as Karl Marx and Ludwig Feuerbach, and this author added some comments. In the second section of this essay, socio-political background of Juche philosophy, i.e. the process and content of "Juche socialism" since the establishment of "socialist system" by proclamation of socialist constitution in 1972, was discussed. And then the anthropology of Juche philosophy was analyzed: the "philosophical principle" of Juche idea, the thesis that "humans are subjects of everything"; concepts and interrelations of three attributes of human beings, i.e. "independence", "creativity", "consciousness"; the difference between "sociopolitical life" and "sociopolitical organism", and its theoretical link with the Party and the Leader. These themes were defined and analyzed, and then the criticism from the socialist perspective through Karl Mark and Ludwig Feuerbach was attempted. In the third section, problems raised by Juc!1e anthropology were arranged as the following four thesis. Thesis 1, people`s hope: "humans become subjects of the world"; thesis 2, "people are subjects of history"; thesis 3, use of violence and sufferings of "revolutionary humans"; thesis 4, dual ethical rule: "one for all, all for one." These theses were examined from the perspective of social ethics, and their criticism was added. In the fourth section, as the conclusion, the limit of this research and future tasks, as well as this author`s suggestions, were added in the hope of future reunification of humans between North and South. On the limit of this research, this author noted "critical immanent approach" based on written sources in a situation of little interactions between North and South. To its complement, in case of Germany after unification, socio-psychological and psychotherapic researches on the old East Germans are being seriously undertaken, this author hope that such researches should be done in Korea. And a brief introduction of an encouraging aspect by psychotherapic researches on those who fled from North Korea and emigrated to South Korea was added.

3권 2호_박명철_주체철학의 인간이해와 그 평가
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