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4권 1호_윤덕룡_탈북자 적응의 사회경제적 문제: 보호경찰관에 대한 설문결과를 중심으로


The analyses about the North Korean defectors living in South Korea have transmitted many informations about their adjusting problem in the new society. However, the researches are based on the defectors` opinion because they are carried out mainly by the survey to the defectors themselves. Even though the results are really informative, they would not reflect the problems fully, because the defectors can manipulate the results for their own interest and they do not understand the society well. This means that the results should be corrected by the survey to the South Koreans. On this reason the survey is conducted to the South Korean policemen, who have cared for the North Korean defectors, because they know the defectors best. The objects of this survey was to find out the adjusting problems of North Korean defectors and the way to overcome them with the view of South Koreans. The 258 answers are gathered and analyzed. Most important findings are like following: First, the policemen regard the socialistic lifestyle and the way of thinking depending on state as problems for adjusting, even though the defectors do not consider it as problems. Second, 85% of the answered pointed the individual problem like lack of job capability as most important problem rather than the social problem like prejudice. The most often pointed problem was the lack of job capability. However, 20% of the answered said the defectors did not want to be employed. This needs a deeper investigation. Third, just 27.9% of the answered would employ the defectors as a worker if they were employer, while 59.7% would not. This implies the long term rate of unemployment will increase and the potential unemployment after the unification will approach at least 59.7% on the proposition that the policemen represented the whole South Koreans. Fourth, the policemen recommended following policy measures in the given order: vocational training and social education-help to find job-increasing the support for settlement-providing house. Especially over the half of the answered raised the necessity of vocational training. The survey showed that there are common sense about the problems and the improving measures, even though there are some gaps acknowledging the real world. The common findings is that the North Korean defectors could not survive independently if they don`t have any vocational training to improve the job capability or the financial support. Even after the vocational training they need help for finding a job. This means an incentive system should be developed for firms giving a chance to the defectors like wage subsidy. It is needed not only for the social justice but also for the proper use of human resources. The principle of ``guarantee of basic standard of living`` and ``encouraging the self-reliance`` should be kept in supporting the settlement as well as income subsidy. Government should develop a institutional frame for cooperation with religious and social groups, so that the supporting system reaches the intended goals.

4권 1호_윤덕룡_탈북자 적응의 사회경제적 문제 보호경찰관에 대한 설문결
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26권 2호_장도환, 이승훈, 임창식, 임정빈_북한의 농산물 무역 및 매체동향 분석을 통한 남북협력유망품목 발굴에 대한 연구

초록 북한은 국제사회의 대북제재로 인한 식량지원 감소, 농기자재 공급 부족, 농산물 수출입 감소 등으로 어려움을 겪고 있으며, 식량난과 경제난은 더욱 가중되고 있다. 현재, 남북‧북미관계는 냉각기에 있으나, 향후 개선된다면 농업분야 남북협력사업은 실현 가능성과 성공 가능성이 가장 높은 분야이다. 북한의 낮은 농업생산성과 식량문제를 해결하기 위해서 남북농업협

26권 2호_구본윤, 박성호_김정은 시기 핵전략의 이중성: 확증보복태세와 허세부리기

초록 이 연구는 나랑의 핵태세 최적화 이론을 비판적으로 검토해, 북한의 특수성을 포착할 수 있는 대안적 분석 틀로 김정은 시기 핵전략을 구체화했다. 변수의 핵심은 북한의 위협인식과 전략문화의 반영이다. 연구 결과, 북한의 핵전략은 평시에는 확증보복태세를, 한·미 연합 군사연습 시기와 같은 위협인식 고조 시 비대칭확전태세의 이중적 특성을 보인다. 이에 대한

26권 2호_박상현, 정민경, 박지영_역대 대통령의 통일 관련 연설문에서 등장하는 토픽 변화 분석: 구조적 토픽 모형과 Word2Vec을 이용한 접근

초록 본 연구는 역대 대통령의 통일 관련 연설문을 분석하여 ‘통일’에 관한 의제가 대통령별로 어떤 맥락과 목적에서 사용되어왔는지를 경험적인 방법으로 비교하는 것을 목적으로 한다. 분석을 위해 본 연구에서는 구조적 토픽 모형을 사용하여 대통령별로, 남북 주요 합의 시점별로 토픽을 추출하고 토픽의 등장 확률을 분석하였으며, Word2Vec을 사용하여 맥락에 대


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