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Korean  Unification Studies

통일연구는 1997년 창간 이래 학문적 경계를 넘어 한국의 분단, 평화통일, 그리고 평화통일 이후에 관한 연구논문들을 게재해 온 학술지로서 현재 한국연구재단의 등재지입니다.

통일연구 편집위원

- 배종윤(연세대학교) 양문수(북한대학원대학교)
- 송영훈(강원대학교) 전우택(연세대학교)
- 문경연(전북대학교) 차창훈(부산대학교)
- 한동호(통일연구원) 정성철(명지대학교)
- 우승지(경희대학교)

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North Korean Review

Spring 2020 Articles

Matveeva, Natalia. Diplomacy Among Comrades: North Korea's Relations with the Eastern European "Fraternal Countries," 1960-1964, in the Context of the Sino-Soviet Split.

Clément, Théo. Between Economic Reform and Support of an "Independent National Economy": Special Economic Zones in North Korea.

Ouellette, Dean J. Understanding the "Socialist Tourism" of North Korea Under Kim Jong Un: An Analysis of North Korean Discourse.

Rehaiem​, Jalel Ben Haj. Trump's "Madman" Game in North Korea and the Pakistan Model.

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Journal of Territorial and Maritime Studies

JTMS is an interdisciplinary journal covering a broad range of fields such as geography, history, political science, international relations, and regional studies to name but a few.  As a peer reviewed journal, the editorial team is committed to the quality of JTMS and to advancing the academic discussion of the fields within the journal's scope. ​

Yonsei University is proud to take over the editorship of JTMS and we are excited about the bright future we believe JTMS has.  Of course, this cannot be done simply by the editorial staff and publisher alone.  It takes dedicated authors, peer reviewers, and readers to make a journal successful.

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