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3권 2호_김영수_햇볕정책과 북한의 정치적 변화


The main thesis of this paper is "the Sunshine policy and the political change of North Korea."The Following are a few issues to be taken up in conjunction with this study. Firstly, one must consider on how North Korea is responding of the current Sunshine policy. Secondly, besides the official response of the North Korean government actually takes in the Sunshine policy should also be studied. Lastly, the adequate usage of the specific terms relating to this study should be reviewed in advance. This must begin with the consideration of how the terms such as "Sunshine policy" and "North Korea Engagement policy" could be relatively established for this study. The main framework of the "Sunshine policy" rest on the concept of cooperative existence of both nations in the Korean Peninsula. Therefore, I believe that strategic transition from the "Sunshine policy" to "North Korea Engagement policy" need not have taken place if the former policy had well balanced its scope of radiation. That is to say, the "Sunshine policy" would have seen more light if only it had focused its radiations not only on Pyongyang itself but also on the Cold Peace atmosphere that had been prevalent in the Korean Peninsula since the advent of the Cold War. When outlining these policy issues through the views of the above thesis, consideration of the following viewpoints should be made. Firstly, given the fact that North Korea is exhibiting oversensitive reactions, it seems clear that they are burdened by South Korea`s “Sunshine policy.” Secondly, while expressing its denunciations as it tries to remain out of limit from the policy, North Korea simultaneously has shown unprecedented change in attitude to accumulate economic profits that arise from the "Sunshine policy" Lastly, "Sunshine policy" has influenced North Korea`s foreign relations in various aspects. To conclude, it seems early to discuss the fruits of "Sunshine policy" at the present stage of its implementation. However, taking into consideration of various aspects of the policy, it is safe to project that it still has a high possibility of eventually yielding practical and effective outcomes. This is so, because the development of North-South relations rests not on a transitory arena but in a perpetually reproductive and continuous arena of contestation. To be more precise, this is due to its strong "Ecological Tournament"-like disposition. Therefore, based on the arguments that I have forwarded, whether the "Sunshine policy" would indeed act as a catalyst to transform the North-South relations from a `hostile dependence` phase and to a new phase of `dependent cooperation` should be throughly and objectively reviewed.

3권 2호_김영수_햇볕정책과 북한의 정치적 변화
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26권 2호_장도환, 이승훈, 임창식, 임정빈_북한의 농산물 무역 및 매체동향 분석을 통한 남북협력유망품목 발굴에 대한 연구

초록 북한은 국제사회의 대북제재로 인한 식량지원 감소, 농기자재 공급 부족, 농산물 수출입 감소 등으로 어려움을 겪고 있으며, 식량난과 경제난은 더욱 가중되고 있다. 현재, 남북‧북미관계는 냉각기에 있으나, 향후 개선된다면 농업분야 남북협력사업은 실현 가능성과 성공 가능성이 가장 높은 분야이다. 북한의 낮은 농업생산성과 식량문제를 해결하기 위해서 남북농업협

26권 2호_구본윤, 박성호_김정은 시기 핵전략의 이중성: 확증보복태세와 허세부리기

초록 이 연구는 나랑의 핵태세 최적화 이론을 비판적으로 검토해, 북한의 특수성을 포착할 수 있는 대안적 분석 틀로 김정은 시기 핵전략을 구체화했다. 변수의 핵심은 북한의 위협인식과 전략문화의 반영이다. 연구 결과, 북한의 핵전략은 평시에는 확증보복태세를, 한·미 연합 군사연습 시기와 같은 위협인식 고조 시 비대칭확전태세의 이중적 특성을 보인다. 이에 대한

26권 2호_박상현, 정민경, 박지영_역대 대통령의 통일 관련 연설문에서 등장하는 토픽 변화 분석: 구조적 토픽 모형과 Word2Vec을 이용한 접근

초록 본 연구는 역대 대통령의 통일 관련 연설문을 분석하여 ‘통일’에 관한 의제가 대통령별로 어떤 맥락과 목적에서 사용되어왔는지를 경험적인 방법으로 비교하는 것을 목적으로 한다. 분석을 위해 본 연구에서는 구조적 토픽 모형을 사용하여 대통령별로, 남북 주요 합의 시점별로 토픽을 추출하고 토픽의 등장 확률을 분석하였으며, Word2Vec을 사용하여 맥락에 대

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