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Yonsei Institute for North Korean Studies

Yonsei Institute
forNorth Korean Studies

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in Korean Unification Studies

North Korea Unification Studies

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Bridging the Divide:
Moon Jae-In's Korean Peace Initiative

Chung-in Moon & John Delury (eds.),

Yonsei University Press (2019) 

Is peace on the Korean Peninsula in reach? Or has another chance been missed?
What would it would look like anyway, after decades of failed attempts? And how could a peace process be sustained?
After the US and North Korea appeared to come within a tweet or two of declaring war in 2017, the mood was upended amid a flurry of summit breakthroughs in 2018. Reality bit when a second US-North Korea summit failed in February 2019. Over the months since, many have felt the impetus...

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